Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Dental fear can be paralyzing, but we have a solution at Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa. Discover sedation dentistry and make your dental visits anxiety-free.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety in Costa Mesa 

Thomas J. Rolfes, Christina T. Do, Timothy J. Rolfes, and Pravay Padia offer comprehensive dental services with sedation options. Reduce stress, save time, and minimize visits.

The Benefits of Sedation 

Smiles4OC provides four sedation choices:

•Nitrous oxide •Oral conscious sedation •IV sedation •General anesthesia

Types of Sedation

Find the one that suits your needs best.

Dental anxiety is no match for sedation dentistry. Please consult with our experts to determine your ideal sedation option. We cater to all levels of anxiety.

Is Sedation Right for You?

Rest easy knowing our sedation methods are entirely safe. Professionals monitor IV sedation and general anesthesia for your well-being throughout your dental procedure. We offer children nitrous oxide and more vital sedation methods, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable dental experience.

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind 

Don't let anxiety stop you from caring for your oral health. Contact Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa, California, at