When it comes to dentistry for children, many parents in the area of Costa Mesa, California are unsure as to where they need to take their kids for dental care. A pediatric dentist is a dentist who has experience and training in dealing with the care and attention children need for healthier smiles. Parents in the community are welcome to contact Drs. Thomas J. Rolfes, Christina T. Do, and Timothy J. Rolfes of Smiles4OC for quality pediatric dental care.

This is a heartwarming video where our own Dr. Do’s son showing the importance of brushing teeth. Visit Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa, CA for dental treatments

Boy Cleans Teeths - Dental Care Smiles4OC
This is a heartwarming video where our own Dr. Do’s son showing the importance of brushing teeth. Visit Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa, CA for dental treatments
This field of dentistry is focused on the care and attention required to address the dental needs of children. Kids have special requirements, which need to be handled by a professional with the experience and knowledge of their care. For example, children are at an elevated risk of developing cavities or periodontal disease if they are unable to care for their teeth and gums. They may consume candy and other sugary items more regularly than adults and put their smiles at risk of tooth decay. Babies who are laid down with milk bottles for naps and bedtime can experience bottle caries. This is decay resulting from milk lingering on the surfaces of the teeth for extended periods of time. Additionally, children often benefit from more proactive care including the application of fluoride and sealants to offer an extra layer of protection against harm. All these aspects of dentistry need to be considered with children.
A pediatric dentist is a professional who has extra experience and training in handling children of all ages. At Smiles4OC, our dentists also provide care for adults. Our team is conveniently located in Costa Mesa, California and offers a wide variety of services for children and adults, while also committing time and energy to building a proper relationship with children as a foundation for lifelong good oral health.
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, or AAPD, recommends parents bring their children to the dentist for their first evaluation once their first teeth have erupted through the gums. Alternatively, if this does not happen by the time the baby is 12 months old, a visit should be scheduled to monitor for developmental concerns. Drs. Thomas J. Rolfes, Christina T. Do, and Timothy J. Rolfes can assist infants, toddlers, and children with their oral health care needs.

Healthy Dental Habits for life - Dr. Rolfes

Healthy dental habits for life - Dr. Rolfes video
Regular Dental visits from young days will make sure good dental habits will continue for life. Dr. Rolfes explains more on the importance of Dental checkups for children.

Kids are going to love this place, will want to come back again and will tell their friends too.

It is recommended to bring your child just before their first birthday. This will help them be comfortable and get familiar with the doctors. Taking a picture of their first visit to the dentist will make them happy.

It is important to have regular dental visits for the child. This will help them develop healthy dental habits for life.

At Smiles4OC, we are committed to helping children develop healthy dental habits for life. Call (714) 557-0700 today.

The benefit of visiting a dental practice such as Smiles4OC that offers care for the entire family is the benefit of not having to switch dentists when children would otherwise typically “age out” from a pediatric provider. Instead, at our facility, we continue to see children as they get older into their teen years and through adulthood. Many of our patients have built an important level of trust with us and enjoy the positive relationship they have enjoyed for many years, and they have no desire to leave for another dental practice in Costa Mesa, California. We take pride in forming long-term relationships with our patients, and we encourage children to grow with us through the years!

At what point should my child not see a pediatrician

At what point should my child not see a pediatrician video

Pediatric services are often the same as traditional general dentistry services. In addition, a pediatric dentist will offer sealants and fluoride treatments for children to protect their youthful smile. In some instances, oral surgery such as extractions may be provided to children in situations where they may be faced with upcoming orthodontic work and need to prepare the smile with the removal of excess teeth or baby teeth that have not come out on their own. During an evaluation, our pediatric professionals will help parents decide what services are most appropriate for their children based on their specific needs.
Many parents want to avoid having to drive all around town getting their entire family seen by dental professionals. Instead, we encourage parents to work with our front office team to book their appointments back-to-back so the whole household can be seen in just one morning or afternoon. We do not typically encourage children to come to their parents’ dental appointments because it can be a distraction, but parents are welcome to sit with their children during their visit. This can be calming for children who may otherwise be uneasy about being left with a dentist by themselves.
It is common for children to be fearful of the dental office. There are many large objects and machines, noisy instruments, and unfamiliar faces. However, our team is kid-friendly and can make little ones feel at ease in our environment. We can walk children through what we are doing while we are doing it, so they do not fear the unknown. We use a gentle touch and soft voices to relax the children, and can employ assistance with nitrous oxide or other types of sedation if required to complete treatments. We also encourage parents to talk positively about the dental visit beforehand and to possibly provide a treat or incentive for them once they have attended their appointment with good behavior.
Drs. Thomas J. Rolfes, Christina T. Do, and Timothy J. Rolfes are available at Smiles4OC for both children and adults to receive quality dental care under one roof. If you are interested in discussing with our team the benefits of bringing your children into our practice for pediatric dentistry, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment. We can be reached by phone at (714) 557-0700 and we are readily available for treating children and adults at 1530 Baker Street, Suite J in Costa Mesa, California. Book a visit today and find out what sets us apart from other family dental practices in the area!


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Hi everybody my name is Sloane and I love going to the dentist because it is so gentle and I get prizes after like this little purse.

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Dr. Do is really nice because the laser is really easy and I don’t have to do anything because it just feels like a ton of water in your mouth and I love seeing all of the dentists!

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Good morning Eli welcome to the dentist are you happy to be here today? Yes! Who did you bring to the dentist with you today? My turtle. Oh! Can you tell me why you like going to the dentist? Or what did you do when you woke up this morning? Talk to your mama, let’s go to the dentist! Uh-huh, and why do you like coming to the dentist Eli? Because it’s cool – and? Anything else you want to tell the dentists today? I like them! Yeah? Ok, perfect thank you, Eli.

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Hi, we just got our first cavity filled it is my first cavity and it is the first time with the laser. Yeah, it didn’t really hurt, I thought it was going to hurt but it didn’t hurt at all. But the glue tastes really bad no no no I meant the paint – just warning! That was my 3rd filling did the last 2 and they did not go that well – but it was not with the laser so. That one was with a laser so it didn’t hurt. Yeah, the laser was my first cavity.

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What did we do today? We got everything cleaned, didn’t we! Do you want to do it again? Did you have fun? Yes! Oh good! When you are ready come back! What did you just say about your teeth? They are clean! They are all clean! I am glad you came in today – Dr. Do is going to be in, in just a minute okay. I am glad!