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What makes our Dental team special at Smiles4OC - Dr. Rolfes

What makes our dental team special
Smiles4OC is a place where you can experience great caring and cheerful Doctors who are experienced in Dentistry for more than 10 years. Call Smiles4OC today to fix your appointment to discuss your dental issues with the experts in the field.

Dr. Rolfes is the owner of the SMILES4OC and he purchased the practice 30 years ago.
Dr. Rolfes has been providing dental care at this Costa Mesa location since 1984.

Dr.Christina Do has been with us now for ten years and she is a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.
Throughout her dental career, she has had the honor of practicing with some of the leading laser professionals in the world.
Dr. Cary Dunne practiced dentistry in Toledo, Ohio for 30 years after graduating from the Ohio State University School of Dentistry. He joined our office at Smiles4oc in 2011. Dr. Dunne feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to practice with Dr. Rolfes and Dr. Do in Costa Mesa.

With knowledge, experience, technology, and advanced dental materials, we deliver unparalleled quality of results. However, we believe that results are only a portion of exceptional dentistry. Call (714) 557-0700 today.

Doctors at Smiles4OC

Doctors at SMILES4OC

Dr. Cary J. Dunne DDS, Christina T. Do DDS & Dr. Timothy J. Rolfes DDS, Dr. Thomas J. Rolfes DDS,

Dental team at Smiles4OC

Staff at SMILES4OC

Dental Team at SMILES4OC