At Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa, CA, Drs. Thomas J. Rolfes, Christina T. Do, Timothy J. Rolfes, and Pravay Padia are proud to provide family dentistry. We believe that dental care should be affordable and provided for the entire family. Our team of professionals are focused on providing family-friendly solutions to a variety of oral health concerns, including general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry needs.

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A family dentistry office focuses on oral care – prevention, diagnosis, and treatment – for you and the people you love. Drs. Thomas J. Rolfes, Christina T. Do, Timothy J. Rolfes, and Pravay Padia hope to build a lifetime relationship with your family by providing exceptional attention to your dental needs. When children start visiting the dentist at an early age, they begin to build a foundation of trust and a great relationship with the dental providers at Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa, California.

Your family will enjoy the convenience and cohesiveness of having all your dental needs met at our dental office. We encourage families to schedule their appointments together, so they can enjoy all their services in just one visit. We can book children and adults back-to-back for cleanings and examinations, so parents no longer must travel across town on different days, so everyone can see their dental professional! This makes it easier than ever for children and adults to get the care they need with the team they know and trust!
We suggest beginning your child’s visits about six months after the first tooth has erupted. This is usually by your child’s first birthday. We will monitor their eruption pattern and build a healthy dental history. This will allow us to prevent and detect dental problems early. This is the timeframe suggested by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and is highly recommended for all our parents to follow. Our pediatric dentists work with children daily and have the caring demeanor to make each visit a positive one. Once children get used to our facility and our providers, they are often more at ease when it comes to seeing our team for routine dental work.
At our office you, will not need to change dentists when your child becomes a teenager. He or she will grow to adulthood at ease with our staff and with the concept of good oral hygiene. As a patient since childhood, your child will feel comfortable discussing appearance concerns and dental problems. We will continue to encourage good nutrition, home care, and safe lifestyle habits through education and instruction.
Pregnant women have special dental needs. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can trigger a build-up of plaque, increasing the risk of gum disease and mouth tumors. This is a time to let us care for you, while you concentrate on your unborn baby. Studies have shown that patients who have periodontal disease may also experience other medical concerns due to the oral systemic connection. Patients with gum disease are at risk for premature delivery and other complications. We encourage women who are pregnant to continue to see our dentists for care throughout their pregnancy to ensure they are doing what is best for themselves and their baby!
Adults need encouragement in good oral hygiene. We know you have a very busy schedule. We will keep your dental health on track with convenient appointment times, efficient cleanings, and examinations. And, of course, reminders and instruction on the importance of good home care for your teeth. We want you to enjoy the benefits of routine dental care including six-month cleanings and examinations in our state-of-the-art facility.
Senior years are a time to enjoy life and be free of dental problems. Continuing check-ups allow us to monitor for gum disease and cavities and stay abreast of medical changes in your life. We treat unique conditions of a mature mouth, like dry mouth syndrome, and offer advice on diet and lifestyle for optimal oral health. Elderly patients who need tooth replacement solutions may also want to consider the advantages of economical options including partial and full dentures which are readily available. Other dental treatments can be performed right in our office to help patients maintain their beautiful smile for as long as possible, even into their senior years.
Whatever your financial situation, as a young parent or a mature adult, we will assist with insurance forms and financing options. We know that the idea of expensive dental work can keep patients from getting the necessary treatments to achieve and maintain their oral health and wellness. We work directly with our patients to help them decide what treatments can be covered by their dental insurance, and which services can be financed over time to make them affordable on any budget. We walk patients through the insurance billing process and keep them up-to-date regarding their claims and coverage. Patients who have dental insurance are welcome to bring their dental insurance cards to their first appointment so that our friendly front office team can determine the benefits that are covered. Many dental insurance plans offer free or reduced-price routine appointments which include annual cleanings and examinations.
We provide affordable, top-quality dental care for your family. Drs. Thomas J. Rolfes, Christina T. Do, Timothy J. Rolfes, and Pravay Padia are here to assist patients in and around the community of Costa Mesa, CA with their oral health care needs. The practice, located at 1530 Baker Street, Suite J, is equipped with the latest technologies and best materials to achieve beautiful smiles. If you are interested in booking a visit with Smiles4OC, we welcome you to contact us for an appointment by calling (714) 557-0700.
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Having earned his undergraduate degree in biology from Loyola Marymount University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Georgetown University, Dr. Thomas Rolfes has been providing dental care from his Costa Mesa location since 1984. He holds a Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry, among memberships from many prestigious organizations. Dr. Christina Do, specializing in laser dentistry, and Dr. Timothy Rolfes, whose passion is community dentistry, also comprise the team, including skilled hygienists, dental assistants, and administrative staff dedicated to helping people in the area fulfill their dental needs. The new addition to our family, Dr. Pravay Padia, brings with him over 10 years of experience in the dental field, with expertise in endodontics and cosmetic dentistry.