Making care affordable with financing facilities at Smiles4OC

At Smiles4OC, we believe that every patient deserves a healthy mouth a smile to be proud of. We understand that each budget and lifestyle is unique. We have arranged financing facilities to allow affordable dental care for everyone.


Dental financing through CareCredit makes necessary dental procedures and the cosmetic treatments you desire possible – today! Subject to credit approval, CareCredit provides no- and low-interest financing plans with flexible payment options. You can use this special healthcare credit card for most preventive, restorative, orthodontic, and aesthetic treatments. You may apply it to meet deductibles, for expenses not covered by insurance, or for the full cost of treatment if you don’t have insurance.

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Insurance Procedure at Smiles4oc

Insurance procedure video
Billing for Insurance is time consuming and life would be much more easier if we didn't have to go through this. As a courtesy to patients of Smiles4oc in Costa Mesa, CA, they will find everything about your insurance at no extra fee.That way you don't have to come up with the whole fee and you will be paying only the difference. A healthy smile is priceless and SMILES4OC brings you the financial options to make it happen.

What do you do to simplify the insurance process?

Our life would be easier if we didn’t have to bill the insurance because it is time consuming and often frustrating to keep a track of all the different 25-40 different insurance carriers that we deal with.

As a courtesy to our patients, for no extra fee, we will dig deep and be the detective to try to find everything about your insurance, so that we can inform you before we perform with the benefit that might be available to go towards your patient cost .Then we will bill the insurance for you.

So do we have to pay the whole fee?

The payment can come here and that way we only ask for the difference, you don’t have to come up with the whole fee.
Our patients do really appreciate that.

A healthy smile is priceless. Proactive dental care can minimize future expenses, and keep you smiling for years to come. Smiles4OC brings you the financing options to make it happen.