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Do you suffer from anxiety at the thought of going to the dentist? Fear is the number one reason that may prevent someone from visiting the dentist. Some just do not like the idea of needles and drilling. Others have had a previous traumatic experience at the dentist. If you are one of these individuals, or if you need a comprehensive dental procedure, sedation dentistry is able to make dentistry more comfortable than ever before. Sedation Dentistry

Drs. Thomas Rolfes, Christina Do, Cary Dunne and Tim Rolfes provide the best services, including sedation dentistry, in a comfortable atmosphere with the benefits to alleviate dental stress, and reduce the time and number of visits required.

Nitrous oxide, a colorless gas with a slightly sweet taste (you might know it as “laughing gas”) is combined with oxygen and simply inhaled by the patient. This method requires the least amount of medication in a carefully controlled dose.

Nitrous “takes the edge off” for a nervous patient. But you remain conscious throughout your treatment. There is no residual effect. As soon as the mask comes off, the sensation of the gas goes away. You can safely drive yourself home!

Oral sedation, taken by mouth in a single dose or in increments, results in a deeper state of relaxation and does have a residual effect. We may combine oral sedation with nitrous oxide, depending on your needs. You will still be conscious, just relaxed and unconcerned about the treatment. The effects of oral sedation take a little longer to wear off so you will need someone to drive you home.

IV sedation is a deeper level of sedation that will allow for virtually no memory or discomfort during your visit. This option is used very successfully for even the most nervous patients as it allows for immediate adjustments to the amount of medication needed to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

General anesthesia is given through an intra-venous line. It is suitable for a patient who wants to be completely unaware of the dental procedure. A medical anesthesiologist administers the drug and monitors the patient throughout the treatment. You are unaware of the dental treatment, and will wake up with no recollection of the procedure.

The latest sedation dentistry methods and technology allow our patients to maintain a healthy mouth with minimal discomfort.

Painless dentistry is a reality. Do not avoid the care you need because of dental anxiety. Ask us about sedation options.
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Dr. Rolfes and his team are amazing! Everyone is friendly and professional - definitely the best dental office I've ever been to! Love my Invisalign results too!

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