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Costa Mesa, CA dentist uses Waterlase dental lasers for fillings treatment

Waterlase Dental Lasers Treatment in Costa Mesa area

Many patients have a fear of visiting the dentist—the sights, the sounds, and the smells of the office can make individuals feel very anxious about the dental chair. With laser dentistry, patients in the area of Costa Mesa, CA can rest easy and have a positive experience with their dental providers at Smiles4OC. Our dentists are pleased to provide treatment for cavities using today’s dental lasers, including the Waterlase for fillings.

What is Waterlase?

Biolase has created Waterlase as a method of preparing a tooth for the placement of a filling. This method uses high-pressure stream of water that eliminates the need for a traditional dental drill. The Waterlase device has better accuracy in removing decay and is a more conservative method of preparing a tooth as it preserves as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. This can eliminate the need for placing a dental crown over a larger area of decay. The Waterlase device does not require our dental team to sedate or anesthetize a patient, allowing individuals to avoid the feeling of a puffy face and facial numbness often experienced with local anesthetics. Waterlase provides an improved and more effective way to address areas of decay than traditional methods.

Why choose Waterlase?

Why choose Waterlase in Costa Mesa area

Laser dentistry, in general, is more effective at providing treatment than conventional methods, which is why the team at Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa, CA are pleased to offer these solutions. With Waterlase, patients are enjoying many benefits:

  • Reduces anxiety as there is no pain or discomfort
  • Is precise and accurate in treating areas of decay
  • Maintains as much natural tooth structure as possible
  • Is a conservative method of treatment for decay
  • Sterilizes the tooth and adequately prepares it for fillings
  • Ensures better retention of placed fillings
  • Does not require anesthetic shots and facial numbness
  • Shortens the time needed for restorative procedures
  • Eliminates the heat and vibration associated with dental drills

Who is a candidate for Waterlase treatment?

Most patients who have an area of decay can benefit from our dentists’ use of Waterlase. This procedure ensures a positive visit when patients arrive, versus the fear and anxiety that often keeps an individual from getting necessary work done. Waterlase is just one of the many laser therapies utilized at Smiles4OC and is a popular choice for our dentists when compared to traditional drills. It’s the obvious choice for our patients who have areas of decay. Patients who visit our team for an evaluation will be advised as to whether they could benefit from cavity treatment with our Waterlase device.

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If you reside in the area of Costa Mesa, CA, and want to work with a team of professionals with decades of combined experience, we invite you to call us at (714) 557-0700 to schedule an appointment at Smiles4OC. We provide top quality services to new and existing patients in the community. Our team of professionals are located at 1530 Baker Street in Suite J.


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