Leave treatments to local dentist office in Orange County, not OTC products

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While you can find just about anything online, do your “dental care shopping” at your trusted, qualified local dentist office in Orange County, Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa.

Avoid over the counter (OTC) whitening products

A Google search for “teeth whitening” generates more than 17 million results. From strips to brushes to handheld devices, these products may contain so little of the active bleaching ingredient that they can’t noticeably whiten your teeth. These products may be a waste of money and they have the potential to damage your teeth and gums.

Since OTC whitening trays are not customized to your mouth, they can irritate delicate gum tissue. The American Dental Association reports some consumers’ teeth have been irreversibly damaged by OTC treatments.

Drs. Rolfes, Do, and Dunne make sure your mouth is healthy before commencing any treatments.

Avoid OTC Straightening

The American Association of Orthodontists has issued a warning about products that claim to be a cost-effective alternative to proven, professional techniques like braces. Resist the temptation to buy bands or other products marketed to reposition teeth. It’s important for dentists like Drs. Rolfes, Do, and Dunne to examine your mouth before moving forward. Questionable techniques administered outside of a medical setting are risky; they can cause lifelong dental problems. These problems are often serious enough that they require more extensive and costly restorative treatment than professional orthodontics to treat gaps, crowding, and bite issues.

After confirming your oral health, the doctors may suggest dental bonding or veneers to close modest gaps or improve the appearance of uneven spacing. For extensive bite or alignment problems, Smiles4OC offers aesthetically pleasing, safe, and effective options including Invisalign, a removable alternative to conventional braces.

Call (714) 557-0700 to schedule an appointment and to find out more about the professional cosmetic and restorative treatments at Smiles4OC.

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Dr. Rolfes and his team are amazing! Everyone is friendly and professional - definitely the best dental office I've ever been to! Love my Invisalign results too!

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