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Costa Mesa dental office wants everyone to know about the important benefits of laser dentistry care.

laser dentistry at Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa

What makes you anxious about a visit to the dentist? If you answered drills, pain, or needles, you are not alone! Many people list these as their top reasons for the dental anxiety that causes them to avoid dental care. That concerns us at Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa, because more studies come out every year linking great oral health with everything from improved physical health to increased self-confidence. Because of this, we decided to offer an innovative solution to eliminate some of our patients’ anxieties. We are proud to offer laser dental care.

The Waterlase hydrokinetic system:

Lasers are now beginning to show up in many different areas of the medical field. Dermatologists use it for medical treatments as well as cosmetic. While not every dentist uses laser treatment, more dental offices are beginning to find out the benefits and advantages of it. We use the Waterlase hydrokinetic system. Waterlase is approved for numerous dental applications for pediatric patients as well as adults. This precise method uses water, air, and laser energy. The laser causes the water molecules to cut through the tooth. It virtually eliminates any fear of cross-contamination since it works without any contact to the tooth.

Benefits of laser dental care:

  • Faster healing times: Dental work done with a laser has a significantly shorter post-procedure healing time.
  • No anesthesia required: Hate the pinch of the needle? Waterlase eliminates the need for Novocain or other numbing agents for most procedures. For many patients, the feel of the anesthesia is almost worse than the procedure itself.
  • More efficient: Gum disease is treated with ease with lasers. The water laser sterilizes the root pockets quicker and more efficiently than traditional methods.
  • Less invasive: Because of the precision of it, treatment affects less healthy tissue.
  • No bleeding: This is amazing for our pediatric patients, as often the sight of blood after a procedure causes them undue anxiety. The laser cauterizes the tissue as it goes.
  • More sterile: Because of the lack of bleeding and the fact that the machine doesn’t contact the tooth, it decreases the chance of post procedure infection.
  • Quicker: Because of the precision of the instrument, we can complete procedures faster.
  • More comfortable: Most laser treatment is painless.
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Some procedures that can be performed by Waterlase:

At Smiles4OC, know that sometimes patients are anxious about their dental appointment before they even visit the office.

  • Gum disease treatment: For advanced gum disease, when pockets have formed and must be cleaned out and the roots scaled, laser dentistry is ideal.
  • Fixing a cavity: Lasers can be used to remove the decay within the tooth. It also helps prepare the surrounding enamel for the filling. It’s an ideal treatment as it is easier to protect the remaining healthy tooth structure.

Other methods of reducing anxiety provided by our team:

At Smiles4OC, we know that sometimes patients are anxious about their dental appointment before they even visit the office. While laser dentistry can reduce some of these fears, we do have other options available for our patients who are interested in getting into the dental chair, but are uneasy about doing so. In addition to laser dentistry, we also offer sedation methods that can be used for many of our patients with more severe dental anxieties. We welcome patients to ask about these solutions in conjunction with our laser services. We offer:

  • Nitrous oxide – also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is perfect for patients with mild anxieties and is administered as a gas through a mask over the nose while patients rest in the dental chair for their services.
  • Oral conscious sedation – this prescription medication can be requested and taken prior to one’s appointment to help them reduce their anxiety while still being awake. Patients considering oral conscious sedation will want to arrange transportation to and from their appointment. Many rest throughout their treatment and can have a series of services done during this time.
  • IV sedation – more severe anxiety may be addressed with IV sedation, during which sedatives are administered directly into the blood stream intravenously.
  • General anesthesia – there are times when we may suggest putting patients “under” with general anesthesia for optimum comfort during more invasive procedures. While patients are under this medication, we have a team of professionals here to monitor patient stats throughout their procedure and administer just enough anesthesia to reduce side effects while ensuring patients are comfortable.

Why choose Smiles4OC?

  • While more dentists are choosing to utilize lasers in treatment, less than 20 percent of all dentists in the United States use lasers.
  • Affordable care: We believe everyone deserves to have a smile they are excited to share with others. That’s why we offer patients the opportunity to use CareCredit. We will even help you apply for them!
  • Comprehensive care under one roof: If our extensive experience doesn’t allow us to complete a complex treatment for you, we contract other specialists to come to our office for you. This eliminates the anxiety of having a procedure done at a location you are unfamiliar with.
  • Your comfort is one of our top priorities: We believe that no matter how well a procedure is done, we have failed if you are not comfortable and at ease in the chair. We offer patients sedation if they feel they need it. We have provided amenities in our office that make you feel like you’re taking a break from the crazy world outside our office!
  • We promise you compassion, kindness, and respect.

Who is a candidate for laser dentistry?

Smiles4OC, is conveniently located at 1530 Baker Street, Suite J in Costa Mesa, California

Every patient who visits our office can enjoy the benefits of laser dentistry. We help patients who are faced with mild to severe dental issues, and laser dentistry can assist every step of the way! We encourage patients to schedule a consultation appointment at our practice to determine if they can enjoy this service as a method of treatment for a wide range of dental concerns. Drs. Rolfes, Do, Dunne, and Rolfes of Smiles4OC can assess a patient and provide recommendations in regard to the care they may need to improve their oral health and wellness.

Ready to learn more about laser dentistry?

Fight the fear with dentists who really care about your needs. Call today to schedule your individualized consultation to find out how we can get you the healthy smile you deserve. You can reach us by calling (714) 557-0700. Our practice, Smiles4OC, is conveniently located at 1530 Baker Street, Suite J in Costa Mesa, California, and welcomes new patients of all ages in our state-of-the-art facility!


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