Full mouth dental implants from a dentist near me in Costa Mesa

Dr. Thomas J. Rolfes at Smiles4OC offers Full mouth dental implants from a dentist near me in Costa Mesa

Anyone with significant tooth loss will tell you that missing teeth do more than damage the look of the smile. Tooth loss can affect speech, the ability to chew properly, and can lead to an increase in oral conditions such as decay or disease.

Full mouth dental implants can help improve oral functions for patients who are missing teeth. Patients can regain the ability to eat their favorite foods, speak normally, and feel confident in smiling. Best of all – they can last a lifetime which often makes them cost effective. If you are searching for a “Dentist near me in Costa Mesa who offers full mouth dental implants” the team at Smilese4OC can help.

Traditional dentures vs. full mouth dental implants

Traditional, or conventional, dentures are secured in the mouth by the suction that forms between the gums and the appliance. Special dental adhesive can help aid in this process. While this option may work for many people, there are some downfalls. The design of traditional dentures does not mimic that of a natural tooth. Natural teeth are held firmly within the jawbone by the root for stability that is needed for everyday functions. Because of this alternative stabilization, patients will have to adjust to a new way of biting and chewing as the muscles of the mouth learn to function with the dentures.

Implant-supported dentures offer patients the security of natural teeth because they replace the missing tooth root with a surgically implanted artificial rod. This rod fuses with the jawbone replicate the support structure of a natural root. Dentures can then be attached to the implants and will function like natural teeth.

Cost of full mouth dental implants

Many patients believe that implants are too expensive an option. Several implants strategically placed can provide the support necessary for an entire arch of dentures. This means dental implants often cost less over time because they will not need to be replaced. We are happy to work with patients to come up with solutions that within defined budgets.

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