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importance of kids oral hygiene from costa mesa dentist

Drs. Rolfes, Do, and Dunne of Smiles4OC in Costa Mesa emphasize to parents the importance of kids’ oral hygiene. Healthy dental habits begin at a young age, especially during the first few years of life. Children who have positive role models such as older siblings and parents who take good care of their teeth are typically more likely to maintain the health of their smile, as well as those who start a dental routine early on. Imitation is one way in which children learn how to care for their smile, as well as praise.
It is essential that parents stress the importance of caring for the teeth at an early age—even the primary teeth that erupt during the first year of life. Primary dentition is usually complete by the age of three. Though children will not have these teeth permanently, they are still susceptible to decay. They are important to help children eat and speak. Children at this age should use age-appropriate toothpaste to brush their teeth, and begin to learn how to floss as soon as they have teeth coming in where food can become stuck in-between them. Children at this age should also limit sodas and sugary foods as this can increase the risk for tooth decay—especially at night before bedtime but after brushing the teeth.
The permanent teeth are the teeth that erupt behind the primary teeth and are there for a lifetime. These will need to function properly for decades so dental health should not be taken lightly. Drs. Rolfes, Do, and Dunne believe in providing children with the resources they need to care for their smile at this point, including an education on brushing, flossing, and the importance of regular visits to the dental office. Children should see the dentist at least twice a year for a physical evaluation and x-rays if necessary. Children may also have fluoride treatments, sealants, and professional cleanings done during these visits as well to achieve and maintain great dental health.
If you are a parent in the Costa Mesa community seeking dental solutions for your entire family, contact the team of Smiles4OC today to schedule a consultation visit and initial examination. We work closely with families to ensure great oral health for life!
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Rolfes and his staff are fantastic. I was 5*! Our family has had a 20+ year relationship with Dr. Rolfes and his staff. We think they are the best in the business.
Thank you!

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