Irvine, CA residents can choose between crowns and veneers from their dentist

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Drs. Rolfes, Do, and Dunne want to help you decide on the proper crowns or veneers for your treatment. You can choose from several options.

Crowns are a popular choice for clients who want to change their smile or protect a weakened tooth. They are made of many materials including gold, stainless steel, and porcelain. When children need crowns, stainless steel is the best option to help prevent teeth from further decay. This tends to be the type used with children, and you need not worry because crowns naturally come off with the loss of the baby teeth. Porcelain crowns have a couple of selections. You will have choices of all-porcelain, and porcelain that is fused over metal crowns. Porcelain is a more natural looking approach if that is the look you want. You can decide what suits you, and the dentist can provide guidance on the best option considering the location of the tooth.

Here at the office you will have two or more visits to complete the process of having crowns. We will take x-rays and modify teeth if needed to make room for the crown. You will have anesthesia for some procedures involving filing or building up teeth after decay. A temporary crown, usually acrylic material, will be bonded using temporary cement. Any impressions of your teeth will be sent to a dental lab, and within two to three weeks, you will return for a fitting and care instructions. We expect with proper oral hygiene that your crowns will last 5-15 years on average.

Now if you are looking for a different form of tooth enhancement, a veneer is a very thin porcelain shell that is bonded to the front surface of your tooth and made to match the surrounding teeth. One veneer can be done and still look natural next to your natural teeth. A disadvantage to veneers is that they aren’t typically repairable and they are a permanent decision. Whichever, you decide, we want you to be happy with the crowns or veneers you choose, and we’ll listen to your appearance preferences.

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