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"I was so stressed up when I came for my appointment yesterday after a busy morning and not quite happy to have a long appointment! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pick up

my grand daughter on time… Dr. Rolfes, you reassured me and even talked to Natasha and she thought you were great!

Ele and you, Dr Rolfes, you were so kind and so reassuring that I just relaxed and decided not to worry about anything because I thoroughly trusted you both.

The result, oh la la! beyond my expectations! I need to show people the picture before and after. What’s amazing too is that today, everything feels normal!

I loved celebrating with both of you and your staff before leaving. I felt so special. Can’t wait to see the pictures we took! What a great place to go to for any dental issue or

cleaning: great dentist, wonderful staff, amazing results. Thank you all for everything!

I must add that my neighbor Arthur and my friend Marité who are your patients under my recommendations, feel the same way I do about their dental care and your expertise.

Merci! Love you all!" ~

"Excellent experience - 5 stars" ~
"5 stars" ~
"Thank you for the awesome tips on how to keep my teeth healthy and pretty (: " ~
"5+ stars!!!" ~
"5***** rating- Quality is doing the right the first time" ~
"I give the office 5-star rating everyone is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly" ~
"I Love how Karen take her time to clean my teeth. Very happy with my service! Thank you" ~
"I would rate this office a 5 out of 5! Very wonderful experience with Dr. Dune and Dr. Do" ~
"We drive 125 miles because this is the BEST dental practice in the world! We have been with Dr. Rolfes and staff over 25 years and LOVE coming for our appointments! Thank you for the most excellent and professional dental care which makes us smile everyday!" ~
"I’m absolutely in love this office! Everything they do here is pristine!" ~
"From the smiling friendly greeting as I walked in, the thorough and pleasant teeth cleaning with Lisa to the “check-up” with Dr. Rolfes… Flawless dental care as always" ~
"Can’t be any better(: best office ever" ~
"Always complete service and team effort. Everyone does their jobs. Can not think of how you could do any better" ~
"Ashley is a superb Hygienist. I continue to see her through her short work hours( only Tuesday and Thursday) are convenient" ~
"Both Ashley Snow and Dr. Carry Dune are always very professional and friendly during my visits. I believe my teeth and gums are very well cared for. For which I am very appreciative" ~
"Thank you Dr. Do for taking care of problems quickly and effectively" ~
"Everything was perfect, as always" ~
"Vicky is always so helpful" ~
"Dr. Rolfes and his staff are fantastic. I was referred to them from a friend and it's been the best dental decision I've made. They keep me consistently well-informed and make me feel comfortable; even through my unnerving dental procedures.

You can't go wrong going to their offices. " ~
"The Best in OC. My family has been patients here for over 25 years. This is a state of the art facility with only the highest quality. the Staff makes me smile. they always remember your name and I enjoy visiting with each and everyone. I recommend this office. Each of the dentist, Dr. Rolfes, Dr. Do and Dr. Dunne is highly skilled and gentle. You will be impressed." ~
"Five-star experience! Each person in this practice - from the phone to the front desk, to the dentist, to the surgeon and care team has been phenomenal. The compassion that they have for us as customers is unparalleled. They went above and beyond in scheduling us (even accommodating our son who is in college and competing in sports) - and have each time an issue has come up. Even more importantly, the dental care is extremely professional, completely high quality and allowed, each time, for the lowest level of after-procedure pain and speedy recoveries. We are beyond thankful for this level of customer service and complete and comprehensive dental care." ~
"I've been coming to this office to see Dr. Do for over 3 years now. As always the whole team is awesome. From the moment you walk into the office and greeted by either Paige or Vicky then get taken inside by any one of the friendly staff. They're just simply great at what they do!! If anyone is looking for a new dental care you really should call this place." ~
"I highly recommend this place! Every one there is so nice and always happy. They do a great job and are very professional." ~
"I can't say enough great things about Dr Rolfes and his office. They have always welcomed me with open arms at every appt. They are very professional and thorough with every procedure I've had done.

I had some sub-standard work done prior to making the switch to Dr Rolfes and I am so thankful I was referred here. He's fixed every issue and then some!

I highly recommend making them your go-to for any dental needs!" ~
"I have been a patient at this office for many years now and have always had a very positive experience. I have seen all three of the Drs at the office (Dr. Rolfes, Dunne, and Do) and really like them. Most recently Dr. Dunne made me a crown and I didn't feel a thing and he was very quick. Last thursday he put in my new tooth and it looked and felt great, I can't even tell which one it was now. He also gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him any time if anything started to hurt, I haven't had to use it. Dr. Dunne also got me this super strong bleach that I started to use over the weekend at night and within 2 days I could see a difference which is crazy to me. Id say two thumbs up for this office." ~
"I would never take my family anywhere else. This is the best dental office!." ~
"Met the new receptionist, Melissa, who was friendly and professional." ~
"My experience was great!" ~
"Everyone is great" ~
"Dr tom was the man and everyone else was Very nice as well I can't remember their names but there were stellar" ~
"I cannot think of anything, everyone is patient and kind and I have always felt the dental office is perfect. I guess the only way to improve it would be to make the office and lobby larger." ~
"Karen was lovely. Susie is a doll. Christina is fabulous. My puppy enjoyed the whole experience. I will try to use my electric toothbrush better in the future." ~
"Everyone in the office is always incredibly friendly, welcoming and professional!" ~
"Nothing needs to change; everything is great as it is." ~
"The staff made me feel very comfortable" ~
"Cheaper prices for people without dental insurance would be nice!" ~
"I got to meet Melissa, the young lady at the front desk. She was pleasant and helpful, and I can she that she will be a great member of an already great team." ~
"I got to meet Melissa, the young lady at the front desk. She was pleasant and helpful, and I can she that she will be a great member of an already great team." ~
"Karen was wonderful as always!" ~
"The front desk is very friendly and welcoming!" ~
"It is very easy to give Dr. Rolfes and his staff a 5 star rating. The entire office is very professional, courteous, and friendly. I would not feel comfortable with any other dentist." ~
"5++ Excellent" ~
"5" ~
"Quick, professional and above all, no pain." ~
"My visit went very well. Janaket was awesome and helped take care of Liv and make her feel really comfortable. Thank you for taking such good care." ~
"I can't imagine a better dental office! 5 stars." ~
"5 stars guaranteed" ~
"Dr. Rolfes and Dr. Do are both great and everyone in his office is both professional and friendly! Using a rating of "1 to 5" they are a 5! I highly recommend them!" ~
"I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Rolfes for 20+ years. I would give the office a rating of "5"." ~
"This office is very professional I bring all of my children and they feel so comfortable they never cry I recommend everybody to this office 5+!!!" ~
"5! Everyone should go here, if you have had a bad day at work or something negative during your day, the experience here will get you out of your funk. The staff are wonderful people." ~
"5!!!!" ~
"I was extremely impressed that Dr.Dunne called to see if I was doing well." ~
"We have been coming to your office for many years, as have our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. We rate you 5plus." ~
"Five." ~
"Excellent 5 all around." ~
"definitely a 5 staff office!" ~
"5 Stars to Drs. Rolfes, Dunne and Do, and their outstanding staff of professionals. As a long-time "dental-phobe" prior to becoming a patient here over 20 years ago, I can't say enough about the quality, friendliness and professionalism of the entire staff. I trust them 100% with all aspects of my dental care and have recommended this practice many personal friends over the years. How can I give them "6 Stars"??? ;>" ~
"5" ~
"Is it strange that I actually look forward to going to the dentist? Well, strange though it may be, I always look forward to visiting my Smiles4OC family. I have always been treated with courtesy and respect, and the dental work is outstanding. I highly recommend Smiles4OC." ~
"5 star office!" ~
"I have nothing but good things to say about your office. I have and will continue to recommend you to friends." ~
"Your team is always very nice but I don't feel like my new person is as thorough as April was. Her teeth cleanings were pretty intense and I left knowing my teeth had a workout." ~
"Lisa Vicki and Jackie and Christina were very warm and cool!" ~
"Great staff, would not change a thing in the practice." ~
"Everyone always tries so hard to make it a good experience." ~
"Vicky is great. New coffee sample was excellent." ~
"Paige and Karen always make me feel as if I am a friend rather than just a patient. This is such a lovely change from other offices" ~
"Love everyone one on the staff" ~
"Cancer mouth exam was good." ~
"Every visit is perfect and all staff are sooooo nice. I am sad to be moving to TN, but will come back for appointments during my visits back to CA for work. I would never want to go anywhere else." ~
"Everyone always makes me feel comfortable." ~
"Dr. Do, Melissa, Elle(sp) and a few other people whose names I don't remember. Everyone was friendly, warm and inviting. I was particularly impressed with the level of clarity in explaining my dental situation by Dr. Do and the staff." ~
"Best dental office ever!!" ~
"Love you all." ~
"My hygienist, Karen Blacklidge, is and always will be the best!" ~
"Our 17 month son--Jonak--has a crush on Susie." ~
"you guys are the best. Ted Bandaruk" ~
"Everyone was great. Thanks!" ~
"I was delighted to be notified that Karen was running a bit late, so that I just waited a few minutes at home, got some things done, and so did not have to wait when I arrived. I LOVE that level of attention that I receive." ~
"Are you kidding,if I was any more comfortable I would have to be sleeping!" ~
"Very happy with office" ~
"Lisa & Dr. Dunne worked on my teeth. They were both very friendly and efficient. The gals at the front desk were also very friendly." ~
"Karen is great as is office staff!" ~
"Karen, Drs. Dunn and Do all top notch, have already recommended all." ~
"Everyone was great." ~
"Everyone is so great!!!" ~
"Jackie always raises my mood with her great stories and wonderful insight! And seeing the wonderful and very generous Dr Rolfes is always a pleasure!" ~
"The staff and Dr. Dunne are always absolutely wonderful. They take great care of their patients and I highly recommend this practice to all friends and family." ~
"Lisa and Dr. Do are tops!" ~
"Sunny, the Intern, did a great job taking the impressions. She was careful and efficient, checking sizes of the trays before taking the impression." ~
"Childcare. Ha ha ha! Just kidding." ~
"Everyone is wonderful." ~
"I'm absolutely in love with this place ;)" ~
"Karen is an excellent hygienist, and is always extremely friendly." ~
"5" ~
"This is just a cleaning routine appointment but the I have wasted three hours there and the procedure is far too complicated for just a dental checkup. The information is useless to me. I am very disappointed with the wait time and no one seems to be concerned about me waiting there even though I made the appointment 4 months in advance." ~
"Smiles for OC really does make you smile - welcoming, informed, innovative dental office." ~
"5" ~
"5 stars" ~
"Everyone working there made me feel so comfortable. They go out of their way to make sure of it too." ~
"This dental practice is all about excellence; dental care, staff, customer service, compassion. I highly recommend!" ~
"There is no doubt your office and staff deserve a 5 for excellent service." ~
"Everyone was friendly, warm and inviting from Paige, who answered the phone the first time I called into the office to schedule an appointment, to (Melissa, Elle, etc.) everyone else I came into contact with. I was particularly impressed with the level of clarity of Dr. Do and the staff in explaining my dental situation and expectations. It was a refreshing and welcome change from the "assembly line" vibe you get from some other offices. Everyone seemed genuine and the level o professionalism was way above par." ~
"5+" ~
"Smiles 4OC consistently provides the highest quality care and prevention. Always friendly, on schedule and free of discomfort. Smiles 4OC deserves your support!" ~
"everything is a 5 in your office . Thanks for taking care of my family!Ted Bandaruk" ~
"5" ~
"I tried a different dental office due to insurance changes and couldn'the come close in comparison.I will continue going to this office even without insurance because the genuine care and treatment is what matters most and you give top quality in both." ~
"I have been receiving dental care with this group for about 28 years. Doctors Rolfes, Do & Dunne are all excellent dentists. Their entire staff is friendly and skilled. I give them all a 5 star rating." ~
"5" ~
"Excellent dental care and service." ~
"I have been coming for over 10 years and have had the best personal dental care ever!!!" ~
"4" ~
"10" ~
"5!!! All the way" ~
"5" ~
"My daughter was scared to see the dentist after being told by another dentist she needed SHOTS. Dr. Do and staff came in and set my daughter at ease. We are now lifers at this office. Thank you Dr. Do!!! " ~
"Suzy and dr dune are amazing and made me feel comfortable through the whole procedure. I've found a dentistal office for life." ~
"5" ~
"Great people, perfectly run office. Karen and Dr. Rolfes have my utmost respect. I trust you." ~
"I can't imagine being treated any better or more efficiently than I was and have been by Dr. Rolfes and his staff." ~
"Great all around service from all members of the team, from the moment I arrived until I left." ~
"Lisa did a great job on my check up, x-rays, cleaning and review w Dr. Do. She is an asset to your organization." ~
"Great to meet Dr. Dunne." ~
"Everyone in the office was personable and friendly!" ~
"Tom and Team, keep up the great work that you're doing on a daily basis. I just said it all on Yelp but wanted each of you to know that you're just the best! It's always a pleasure to visit you!" ~
"This is the best staff of people anywhere!" ~
"Doctor Do was great and took the time to answer all of my questions. She has a great chairside manner! I hope I don't need a crown anytime soon and that by the time I do, you guys have a 3Shape scanner and an in office milling machine. That way everything can be done during the same visit and you can see more patients in less time because follow-up no longer needed. Lots of dentists going that route" ~
"I wasn't crazy about the hygienist, but that's a personal preference. Paige is always amazing and we love Dr. Do." ~
"Everyone is always great " ~
"Karen is the best hygienist ever. I will not go to another person. She is thorough, gentle and engaged. Char and Paige are great at the front and always willing to work with you. I love going to this office. Susie, Bridgit, everyone is great!! Dr. Rolfes takes care of his patients! He goes the extra mile! And Dr. Do is great. My kids are very comfortable with her!" ~
"People who are fearful of going to the dentist should be patients of Drs. Rolfes, Dunne and Doe. They have worked hard to perfect their dental expertise and know exactly what to do to put their patients at ease." ~
"Always enjoy talking with Paige, Jackie, Vicky and had the chance this time to talk with the gal who takes care of the insurance. Always a delight. There are many new staff members now that I am still learning their names, but they are very friendly and do a great job." ~
"Karen and Dr. Rolfs are an excellent team. Paige is also always friendly and helpful. I appreciate being able to depend on you for my dental care!" ~
"Lisa did a great job getting me back on track. Thank you." ~
"The care and professionalism exhibited by the entire staff is outstanding." ~
"EVERYONE Is OUTSTANDING in all aspects of Dentistry! How, or why could I conceivably recommend improvements to the perfect dental service available?" ~
"Your office is always friendly and efficient. I feel I get excellent dental care from the dentists. Yes, I tell my friends about you." ~
"As usual Lisa was very thorough in doing my cleaning. And she's very considerate of me." ~
"The office is well organized, clean, & up to date. Behaviors are professional, caring, helpful, friendly, & instructive. The quality of care is exceptional. The staff is always on the cutting edge of technology, & the equipment looks well cared for. One issue has bothered me for years, however. Many hygienists & assistants will adjust their face masks (the cloth item covering the mouth and nose) w/ their hand, & continue to work on my mouth w/o changing their gloves. Their germs are transferred to me that way, and my germs are then on their mask. (And when done once, they do it many times.) Regarding teeth cleaning: each hygienist performs slightly differently than the other. Most do something that is unique, & beneficial. What comes to mind right now, is having the client rinse their mouth with a dilute soln. of mouth wash, before the cleaning. (Tissue is abraded during cleaning, so a mouth w/fewer germs at the start, heals better, perhaps w/ fewer sore throats." ~
"The entire group was terrific. It was a good experience" ~
"As always all of you are like friends" ~
"Char is irreplaceable" ~
"You guys are great - thanks for taking care of me!" ~
"Already very comfortable." ~
"Always great, professional and great team work" ~
"Dr. Do was really helpful" ~
"This is an extremely technically advanced practice that take a comprehensive approach to the patient's oral health and comfort and is wonderfully people friendly." ~
"Friendly, professional and understanding, the team there makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience." ~
"I have been coming to see Dr. Rolfes since 1986. He has provided excellent dental service since day one and has done well to surround himself with great colleagues, hygenists, assistants and support staff." ~
"Star Rating=5 for the best dental practice anyone could hope for! Tom, your professionalism speaks for itself, but your team is a close second...Karen is a God-send and has the patience of Job! Thanks so much for your care and support." ~
"You know, I FEEL like a special person in your practice!" ~
"Our family has been a patient of Dr. Rolfes since he bought started it. We have had excellent dental care and trust him completely with our dental needs. It is a pleasure to come to this dentist office." ~
"The staff is cheerful and very helpful. Dr. Dunne did an excellent and wonderful job with my bridgework. The fit is good and matches the surrounding teeth extremely well" ~
"This is easy...I happily assign FIVE STARS If only there were more available" ~
"Dr. Dunne was an excellent dentist and genuinely the best I've experienced in my life. The extensive time spent on my exam and the detailed explanation of our plan moving forward left me more confident than ever before in a dentist. I'm happy I was referred to Dr. Dunne and look forward to going back for my next appointment." ~
"5 for everything, this has been the best possible experience for the worst possible problems, love these guys" ~
"Very professional, very personalized service. I appreciate being greeted by name when I arrive. I appreciate the information I receive about my dental situation." ~
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Dr. Do was featured on the CBS TV Show "The Doctors", performing a Laser Dental procedure on stage!
  • Rating: 5Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews

    Dr. Thomas Rolfes Reviewed by
    A Google User

    Dr. Rolfes and the staff are amazing. My family has been patients here for over 25 years and we just love the office. All of the staff are genuine and caring. I highly recommend this quality family practice.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Alicia F. I have been to several dental offices in the past and have had many terrible experiences when it comes to my dental care. Every interaction during my visit was not only positive, but reassuring, which truly helped me overcome my fears and follow through with my check-up and cleaning. Dr. Dunne and Nicole were most thorough with my exam, explaining each step and giving individual focused care, Karen took her time to get my smile pretty and white again with my cleaning, and both Vicky and Gail provided excellent support and professionalism from the time I came in to the end of my visit. In summary, my visit to Smiles4OC surpassed expectations. For once, I'm not only not afraid to go to the dentist, but actually welcome the thought of visiting again in 6 months! Thank you, Smiles4OC!~ Alicia F.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Stacy MC. Smiles4OC is such a comfortable office starting with the people, the surroundings, their attention to detail, quality dental skills and service, and the technology is top notch. I appreciated the thorough explanations from everyone involved with my appointments from Dr. Dunne to the entire staff. It's obvious Smiles4OC values customer service, professionalism, attention to detail, and they provide outstanding dental services because they just can't do anything less. My husband and I are so pleased Smiles4OC is available to us for all our dental care. ~ Stacy MC.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by A Google User The Best in OC. My family has been patients here for over 25 years. This is a state of the art facility with only the highest quality. the Staff makes me smile. they always remember your name and I enjoy visiting with each and everyone. I recommend this office. Each of the dentist, Dr. Rolfes, Dr. Do and Dr. Dunne is highly skilled and gentle. You will be impressed. ~ A Google User
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Victoria L. I've been coming to this office before Dr. Rolfes was even married! I've seen it grow into a top-notch dental practice, second to none. I never hesitate to refer friends here. Their professionalism is outstanding as is the quality and range of their dental services. If you're looking for a dentist, do yourself a favor and have a consult here; you won't be sorry. ~ Victoria L.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Hallie P. L. I cant say enough great things about Dr Rolfes and his office. They have always welcomed me with open arms at every appt. They are very professional and thorough with every procedure I've had done.
    I had some sub-standard work done prior to making the switch to Dr Rolfes and I am so thankful I was referred here. He's fixed every issue and then some!
    I highly recommend making them your go-to for any dental needs!~ Hallie P.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Hallie C.C. Dr. Rolfes always takes great care of my teeth. My cleanings go very smoothly, I have extremely sensitive teeth and I love that is requested, the hygienist will add an extra numbing cream on my teeth to make sure I am comfortable during the cleaning. They really dig in there to make sure your smile is perfectly clean so I appreciate the extra comfort. Dr. Rolfes has always been a very honest dentist and recommends the best treatment to keep my teeth healthy. After having many bad experiences, including bad fillings, at other dental offices I fully trust his knowledge and skills. For many years, he has kept my smile bright white and healthy. You will not be disappointed!~ C.C.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Cyndi H. A breath of fresh air!! I had a dental emergency while my dentist was out of town. A friend of my recommended Dr. Rolfes to me, who ironically was also out of town! The office staff was so kind and told me to come right in. I had a very positive experience from the moment I arrived. I was quickly taken back to meet Dr. Do and her assistant. This entire office made an extremely uncomfortable experience a pleasant one!! Not only would I HIGHLY recommend their office, I am switching!! They can even see my children. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Do and her office!! ~ Cyndi H.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Tamara S. Dr. Do and every person I come in contact with at this office is amazing! This is a very kid-friendly office. I was very concerned how my 2 year old son (now 3 years old) was going to take going to the dentist. Dr. Do and her staff are all super friendly and great with kids. On my son's first visit, their focus was just to get him comfortable with being in the chair and the equipment. They let him ride in the chair up and down, pick out his animal toothbrush, flavored toothpaste, and of course pick out of the treasure box. Now my son on his 3rd visit could not wait to go see Dr. Do. He said ,"Please can we go see Dr. Do." They have gotten my rambunctious 3 year old to get x-rays and a full on teeth cleaning. I am really impressed with what they have been able to get son to do. I really believe everyone one in the office goes above and beyond to make our visits a wonderful experience. Definitely 5 stars! ~ Tamara S.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Kayleen K. Dr. Rolfes and his staff are fantastic. I was referred to them from a friend and it's been the best dental decision I've made. They keep me consistently well-informed and make me feel comfortable; even through my unnerving dental procedures.
    You can't go wrong going to their offices. ~ Kayleen K.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Lauren P. I have visited many dentists over the years, a result of moving so often. Dr. Rolfes and his team are by far, the best dental practice I have been to ever!

    I would highly recommend Dr. Rolfes and his team to everyone (I already give their name out to friends and family!). You won't be disappointed. ~ Lauren P.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Kelly C. Could not be happier with my NEW million dollar smile ~ Kelly C.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Susan B. I chipped my front tooth on the bottom edge and dr. Dunne repaired it with a bonding treatment. It looks fantastic! It was painless and he explained each step as he performed the procedure . I am very happy and will continue my dental care with this group. ~ Susan B.

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