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Treatment for gum disease is available for Irvine, CA area patients at Smiles4OC

Gum Treatment Irvine

Gum disease, or “periodontal disease,” is a condition that can develop on patients who have not been paying close attention to their oral health and wellness. Poor oral health habits often lead to the development of this condition, which is an infection that affects the soft tissues, bone, and teeth. Treatment for gum disease is necessary to bring the smile back to health. Irvine, CA area patients who believe they have developed periodontal disease are urged to contact Drs. Rolfes, Do, and Dunne of Smiles4OC for proper diagnosis and treatment.   What methods of treatment are available?   The method … Continue reading

Costa Mesa dental center offers services for the entire family

Costa Mesa dental center offers services for the entire family

Costa Mesa area patients seeking a family dental center that offers a myriad of services are encouraged to contact the team of Smiles4OC.   A sampling of the services offered is provided below: Dental crowns – covering natural teeth with a crown can protect its structure and provide an improved appearance. Dental implants – replacing missing teeth with implants is an effective, permanent, and invaluable way of achieving a more attractive smile that functions at its best! Invisalign – instead of using traditional braces to realign the teeth, our patients love the ease of Invisalign clear aligner therapy instead! Laser … Continue reading

Costa Mesa patients can enjoy oral sedation during their treatment at Smiles4OC

enjoy oral sedation during their treatment at Smiles4OC

Costa Mesa area residents who visit Smiles4OC are often relieved to learn about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows patients to feel at ease during their visit to the dental chair. Dental anxieties can occur in patients of all ages. Our practice proudly provides oral conscious sedation.   What is oral conscious sedation?   While other dental practices offer “laughing gas” to calm patients with mild anxieties, this may not work well for patients who are very anxious about visiting the dentist for appointments. Some patients are so nervous about visiting the dentist that they have trouble just showing up for … Continue reading

Get the most from your local dentist near Huntington Beach

Get the most from your local dentist

Oral health is a shared responsibility between you and your trusted local dentist near Huntington Beach. At Smiles4OC, Drs. Rolfes, Do, and Dunne encourage you to keep regular checkups. Not all dental problems have symptoms, so it’s important to see the dentist as recommended, at least every six months. Should you have an underlying problem, the doctor will begin an appropriate course of treatment.   There is no substitute for professional cleaning   A check-up would not be complete without a cleaning! You can practice great home care, but only professionals have the tools and training to remove stubborn tartar. … Continue reading

Let comprehensive services, convenience, and comfort be your guide to the best dentist in Costa Mesa

Let comprehensive services

Drs. Rolfes, Do, and Dunne are pleased you’ve come to the online home of Smiles4OC in your quest for the Best Dentist in Costa Mesa.   Comprehensive services   You’re already off to a good start in your search for the best dentist. The next step is to get to know a little about the dentist’s procedures. Want a brighter, whiter smile in no time? Many offices offer chairside “power” whitening, but not every dentist offers a mix of office and home bleaching to remove even the most stubborn stains. Smiles4OC corrects discoloration that resists bleaching with the KöR system. … Continue reading

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  • Rating: 5Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews

    Dr. Thomas Rolfes Reviewed by
    A Google User

    Dr. Rolfes and the staff are amazing. My family has been patients here for over 25 years and we just love the office. All of the staff are genuine and caring. I highly recommend this quality family practice.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Alicia F. I have been to several dental offices in the past and have had many terrible experiences when it comes to my dental care. Every interaction during my visit was not only positive, but reassuring, which truly helped me overcome my fears and follow through with my check-up and cleaning. Dr. Dunne and Nicole were most thorough with my exam, explaining each step and giving individual focused care, Karen took her time to get my smile pretty and white again with my cleaning, and both Vicky and Gail provided excellent support and professionalism from the time I came in to the end of my visit. In summary, my visit to Smiles4OC surpassed expectations. For once, I'm not only not afraid to go to the dentist, but actually welcome the thought of visiting again in 6 months! Thank you, Smiles4OC!~ Alicia F.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Stacy MC. Smiles4OC is such a comfortable office starting with the people, the surroundings, their attention to detail, quality dental skills and service, and the technology is top notch. I appreciated the thorough explanations from everyone involved with my appointments from Dr. Dunne to the entire staff. It's obvious Smiles4OC values customer service, professionalism, attention to detail, and they provide outstanding dental services because they just can't do anything less. My husband and I are so pleased Smiles4OC is available to us for all our dental care. ~ Stacy MC.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by A Google User The Best in OC. My family has been patients here for over 25 years. This is a state of the art facility with only the highest quality. the Staff makes me smile. they always remember your name and I enjoy visiting with each and everyone. I recommend this office. Each of the dentist, Dr. Rolfes, Dr. Do and Dr. Dunne is highly skilled and gentle. You will be impressed. ~ A Google User
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Victoria L. I've been coming to this office before Dr. Rolfes was even married! I've seen it grow into a top-notch dental practice, second to none. I never hesitate to refer friends here. Their professionalism is outstanding as is the quality and range of their dental services. If you're looking for a dentist, do yourself a favor and have a consult here; you won't be sorry. ~ Victoria L.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Hallie P. L. I cant say enough great things about Dr Rolfes and his office. They have always welcomed me with open arms at every appt. They are very professional and thorough with every procedure I've had done.
    I had some sub-standard work done prior to making the switch to Dr Rolfes and I am so thankful I was referred here. He's fixed every issue and then some!
    I highly recommend making them your go-to for any dental needs!~ Hallie P.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Hallie C.C. Dr. Rolfes always takes great care of my teeth. My cleanings go very smoothly, I have extremely sensitive teeth and I love that is requested, the hygienist will add an extra numbing cream on my teeth to make sure I am comfortable during the cleaning. They really dig in there to make sure your smile is perfectly clean so I appreciate the extra comfort. Dr. Rolfes has always been a very honest dentist and recommends the best treatment to keep my teeth healthy. After having many bad experiences, including bad fillings, at other dental offices I fully trust his knowledge and skills. For many years, he has kept my smile bright white and healthy. You will not be disappointed!~ C.C.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Cyndi H. A breath of fresh air!! I had a dental emergency while my dentist was out of town. A friend of my recommended Dr. Rolfes to me, who ironically was also out of town! The office staff was so kind and told me to come right in. I had a very positive experience from the moment I arrived. I was quickly taken back to meet Dr. Do and her assistant. This entire office made an extremely uncomfortable experience a pleasant one!! Not only would I HIGHLY recommend their office, I am switching!! They can even see my children. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Do and her office!! ~ Cyndi H.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Tamara S. Dr. Do and every person I come in contact with at this office is amazing! This is a very kid-friendly office. I was very concerned how my 2 year old son (now 3 years old) was going to take going to the dentist. Dr. Do and her staff are all super friendly and great with kids. On my son's first visit, their focus was just to get him comfortable with being in the chair and the equipment. They let him ride in the chair up and down, pick out his animal toothbrush, flavored toothpaste, and of course pick out of the treasure box. Now my son on his 3rd visit could not wait to go see Dr. Do. He said ,"Please can we go see Dr. Do." They have gotten my rambunctious 3 year old to get x-rays and a full on teeth cleaning. I am really impressed with what they have been able to get son to do. I really believe everyone one in the office goes above and beyond to make our visits a wonderful experience. Definitely 5 stars! ~ Tamara S.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Kayleen K. Dr. Rolfes and his staff are fantastic. I was referred to them from a friend and it's been the best dental decision I've made. They keep me consistently well-informed and make me feel comfortable; even through my unnerving dental procedures.
    You can't go wrong going to their offices. ~ Kayleen K.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Lauren P. I have visited many dentists over the years, a result of moving so often. Dr. Rolfes and his team are by far, the best dental practice I have been to ever!

    I would highly recommend Dr. Rolfes and his team to everyone (I already give their name out to friends and family!). You won't be disappointed. ~ Lauren P.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Kelly C. Could not be happier with my NEW million dollar smile ~ Kelly C.
  • Dentist Costa Mesa -  Star Reviews by Susan B. I chipped my front tooth on the bottom edge and dr. Dunne repaired it with a bonding treatment. It looks fantastic! It was painless and he explained each step as he performed the procedure . I am very happy and will continue my dental care with this group. ~ Susan B.

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